Do you know that the law requires all organizations, whether small or big, to have access to professional health and safety advice?

As a business, you should not wait for law enforcement agencies to come compel you to undertake your responsibilities. You will only end up ruining your reputation and that of your business.  Remember, the quality of life and productivity of your employees depends on the kind of safety nets you implement today.

Lenhall Safety Advisors offer robust and timely health and safety consultancy to small and medium sized companies in various industries.  Our integrated approach to health and safety allows us to offer the best solutions be it in food safety, construction safety, or environmental protection.

For the last 5 years, we have helped hundreds of businesses implement successful, timesaving, and affordable safety measures in their premises. We can ease your anxiety and pressure and ensure that your company attains the benchmark of workplace health and safety standards in the UK. Do not worry if your business has not fulfilled its safety responsibilities or complied with health and safety laws. We have the right health and safety plan for you. Talk to us today so that we can fast track your company’s safety policies and measures. 

Our consultancy has grown from a humble beginning to a fully-fledged consultancy that offers advisory, monitoring, and training in health and safety policies and measures in the work place.  We offer a wide range of consultancy services tailored to the realistic needs of small businesses.

  • health and safety risk assessments
  • health & safety policies
  • health & safety manuals
  • accredited health & safety training
  • environmental assessments


 We not only provide timely health and safety advisory services, but practical safety solutions that satisfy the needs of clients across a range of industries from manufacturing healthcare, food, construction, and even education. Our friendly consultants have hands-on experience in risk assessment, policy evaluation, safety training and safety manual development. They also have expansive marketing knowledge on the best practical solutions for any types of business.  

 Besides offering timely and robust health and safety assessments and risk prevention programmes, we also offer courses in health and safety training accredited by IOSH, CIEH, & CITB and tailored for professionals in health and safety management.

Why Hire Us

We here at Lenhall Health Advisors want to assure you that every time you procure our services, you can rest assured that you will get good value for your money. All the clients who have procured our services can readily testify of the following things:

ü  Highly experienced hands on help

ü  Robust solutions for small businesses

ü Comprehensive regular safety support

ü No contracts to tie you in

üVery affordable fees

Our robust and comprehensive consultancy services will not only help you create a perfect work environment, but it will also help you avoid “knee-jerk” reactions to health and safety accidents, and ultimately save you thousands of pounds in legal fees and compensation claims. 

Let us join hands today and work together to create a fantastic work environment that will inspire your employees to work productively all year round!



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Happy Clients

Join Hundreds of Happy Clients

Lenhall Safety Advisors helped our small business manage its health and safety responsibilities reasonably at a difficult time. They not only gave us top-notch advice, but they also helped us implement safety programs that have enabled us to remain top of our game. We are really excited to know that their are some businesses that want to benchmark their safety programs on ours following our immense success.  Thanks for the good work, we'll work with you for a long time to come.
Toby Gill

Happy Clients

Every time we engage Lenhall safety advisors, we have full confidence that they will deliver on their promise word by word. Our high- risk construction projects needs constant monitoring and review and we’re glad that Lenhall has stepped in capably when we need their services and met our expectations at every turn.
Abbie Patel